International Consultants Day 2017


Dear Friends from the Management Consultants’ World,

It is already a tradition to celebrate the International Consultants Day on the first Thursday of June, which this year is also the first day of the month.

The challenges of today, being either economic, technological, social, political or environmental, shows once again the need of strong and ethical characters helping the world to navigate in this stormy weather. Our vision, to be the leaders in developing the management consulting as a global profession that drives economic and social success, is more than ever certified by life.

Our new slogan is underlining the value of our jewel, the CMC - Certified Management Consultants: Professionals trusted for critical times -, while our values are deeply needed in a fast changing world. But achieving our key goals cannot be done without the full involvement of our members, the IMCs and, even more important, the contribution of their members, the management consultants. Only in this way we can strengthen the recognition of our profession, enhance the visibility of the CMC brand and grow the management consulting network all over the world.

We are a relatively young organization, just celebrating its 30th anniversary, but using the enthusiasm of its affiliates to build and achieve the goals and continuously develop the profession, based on the very simple ideas that knowledge is important, innovation is needed, and in order to advise you should know that ethical behaviour is a must, we will succeed in our mission.

We have also received a gift for our celebration, the publishing is taking place these days of the ISO 20700 standard, the standard about the guidelines for management consultancy services. This is the crowning of a more than 10 years’ work of many of our colleagues, but not only as with them were many not from our industry who provided the support and the drive, and I trust that it will improve the working environment for our profession.

As the international guardian of professionalism and standards, CMC-Global is a driver for improvement in the worldwide management consulting profession.  We enable member institutes across the world to increase their influence, standing and performance.

Happy International Consultant’s Day for all management consultants!

Important note: This speech was videoed for your use, it can be downloaded HERE

Kind Regards,

International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

To be a leader in the development of management consulting as a global profession that drives social and economic success.

Sorin Caian, CMC

C/O Maurer & Stager AG
Fraumunsterstrasse 17/Postfach 318
CH – 8024 Zurich
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Subject: Become Good Management consultant

Dear sir,
I want more expertise on management skill so please guide me how its possible and which ways I learn that skill of
management. Wishing you happy international consultant day.
Janak Parekh.

Subject: Dear Jpareskh,

Dear Jpareskh,

For us to be able to guide you, and for you to benefit most from our community, you would need to join the national institute in your country, please visit our list of national institutes and apply accordingly.

Happy International Consultants Day to you too.