My Leadership Moments: Patrick Goodman, Partner, Innpact

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My Leadership Moments is a discussion series of the ICMCI Future Leaders Forum (FLF) moderated by FLF members in which renowned consulting leaders share highlights of their professional journeys to help younger colleagues shape their future.

On 27 April 2022, Patrick Goodman, Partner, Innpact, opened up about some special times in his career leading up to impact finance as part of the series My Leadership Moments. The conversation was led by Angelica Susio, an M&A Analyst at Total Specific Solutions and a member of the ICMCI Future Leaders Forum.

Patrick Goodman recalled two moments of leadership which stood out for him. In a career changing move, he was asked to relocate to help save the activities of the bank he was working for at the time. He found himself in a situation with an excellent sales person and an excellent operations manager on the other side who were not talking to each other. He thus needed to create the relationship management team there to ensure progress and profitability. The trust he was given was essential to help in his work.

The second special moment is also about finding the right skills as seen in the creation of Innpact. Innpact started as a subsidiary of a microfinance manager and its gradual expansion proved the need for and the worth of collaboration. Being a leader is being able to share and different profiles and different competences can work together as the mix of leadership is extremely important and extremely valuable.

On another personal note, Patrick Goodman spent some time on sufficiency as a concept and invited everyone to think about what was really important beyond covering one’s basic needs. In Patrick’s words, it is family, social links and what you have done in the world. Here comes the place of Innpact: the company is all about cutting the cake in a slightly different way to ensure that all stakeholders have a slightly bigger share. 

For more personal stories from Patrick Goodman, please watch this short video (Ep4).

About the guest speaker

Patrick Goodman is co-founding Partner of Innpact, which he steered from initially structuring impact finance funds from 2007 to now being a leading impact finance specialist providing advisory and third-party fund management services with over 50 team members.

He has a wide experience in designing, structuring and establishing impact funds and blended finance vehicles, backed by over thirty years’ experience in the banking and fund industry having been part of the teams of JP Morgan in Brussels and Citibank in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Since early 2003, Patrick Goodman has dedicated his career to responsible finance and impact finance, providing structuring and fund management services for MIVs (Microfinance Investment Vehicles) and other impact finance vehicles. He is also a board member of other impact investment funds.

About the facilitator

Angelica Susio is an M&A Analyst at Total Specific Solutions, a leading company for business software solutions based in the Netherlands with business units throughout Europe.

She also gained experience working as an M&A and Restructuring Consultant and Analyst for two main boutiques in Milan, Italy, and collaborating with a company active in the area of management consulting for public administration.

Angelica Susio graduated with Merit from the MSc of Finance at Bocconi University in 2020 where she also worked as a Tutor for AI Science courses. 

About the ICMCI Future Leaders Forum

The ICMCI Future Leaders Forum brings together young consultants from all over the world in a structured effort to boost the conversation about the future of management consulting. It offers a platform to exchange views about the profession and to coalesce knowledge to the benefit of clients and consultants while growing a strong international network and developing leadership skills in the global arena.