Press release - ICMCI launches Future Leaders Forum


ICMCI launches Future Leaders Forum

calling on young consultants to help shape the future of management consulting

On 12 November 2021, ICMCI held the inaugural meetings of its brand new Future Leaders Forum bringing together young consultants from all over the world in a concerted effort to enrich the conversation about the future of management consultancy.

The ICMCI Future Leaders Forum offers a platform to exchange views about the profession and to coalesce knowledge to the benefit of clients and consultants while growing a strong international network and developing leadership skills in the global arena. 

At ICMCI, we are glad to mobilise our global resources to help younger colleagues. As part in the Future Leaders Forum, they will be able to grow professionally and individually and to take unique opportunities to exchange perspectives and experiences,” ICMCI Chair Robert Bodenstein commented. 

We believe that creating such a community can really influence decision-making about the future of management consultancy and contribute to a positive change in the world,” shared Gergana Mantarkova, ICMCI Board Director and Future of Management Consultancy initiative leader.

Further details can be obtained at including how to join the ICMCI Future Leaders Forum.

About ICMCI: 

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI or CMC-Global) is an international membership organisation and a network of management advisory and consultancy associations and institutes worldwide which have a common purpose and shared values and goals.